What Makes: Ki Creighton

Ki Creighton

In the first of our new ‘What Makes:’ feature series we talk to Producer and Label Boss, Ki Creighton. The aim of this new series is simple – to give an insight into the makings of some of the biggest names in House and Techno.

We are inviting some of the best known artists in the electronic music world to deep dive into seminal tracks and moments in their lives, that have directly contributed to making them who they are today – artistically.

Starting us off on what we hope will be a long-standing project, the Under No Illusion frontman gives us a fine selection of tracks that are hugely relatable to his life and explores the sentiment behind each; check it out:

Lil Louis – French Kiss

“The first vinyl 12” I bought back when I was fourteen. I purchased this on a family holiday and it still sounds fresh today, a record that has really stood the test of time.”

Slam – Positive Education

“I was a regular on the Glasgow techno circuit in my youth and remember hearing ‘Positive Education’ for the first time and thinking how it was such a forward thinking piece of music.”

The Dust Brothers – Chemical Beats

“Yousef and I used to hang out most weekends at Cream and this was a track that Andrew Weatherall & Justin Roberson broke in the annexe. The first time I heard this we were both like ‘WTF is this!?!’”

Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation / Sounds Of Eden

“I used to be a regular at the Loveshack in Blackpool and Wigan pier in the early 90’s and these tracks were huge at both, but my most treasured memory of this record is seeing both live at ‘Technodrome’ in Ayr. Proper E records.”

Armand van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

“This track has a special place in my heart as my son Ben was born to this being played on the radio. The best memory club-wise, Yos and I both picked it up on promo in Edinburgh at a record shop before a night he was playing for Ministry and when he dropped it in the club it was what I call an ‘instant’ record – wallop!!! I was also given the track grid reference as a gift on my 40th birthday.”

Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)

“One of the wonders of the electronic music world this – that mammoth break, the melody, the build and the mighty drop all combine to make this probably the greatest remix of a generation. My first memory was Paul C & Paolo Martini closing the living room in Cologne with it at 7am. My wife who travels with me from time-to-time was even losing her shit too it.”

Yousef – Come Home

I’m lucky enough to be one of Yousef’s ‘track listeners’, where he sends me his music for input, and when he first sent me this I knew it was gonna be one of his definitive records. My first memory of hearing it in a club is when we were on my brother in laws stag doo in London and headed to Cocoon at the then ‘Millennium Dome’ where Sven Vath dropped it. Everyone was scrambling around for a track ID but I had heard it that week via Yos sending me it, so I was that guy with the smug look knowing exactly what it was.”

&ME – Clamb

“This track has never left my sets since Nic Fanciulli gave it to me. It’s those tribal patterns and crazy drums that make this track so bonkers. I first played it at Wickerman Festival when I had the set just as they burn the effigy, everyone was completely losing their minds to it in the tent and people still do till this day.”

Ki Creighton, Makanan – Trivial

“We are extremely proud of this track and how it all came about. I was playing at elrow when it was at Space and we’d finished it the week before so it was its ‘first test’. When I dropped it the whole room just took on a new dimension and I instantly knew it was right. Domingo signed it virtually on the spot and it went on to become one of the biggest tracks in Ibiza and around the world the following summer.”

George Smeddles – Shake Your Body

“I met George through remixing a track of his for Max Chapman on Resonance. He sent me some demos and I was blown away with the whole playlist, so we signed ‘Shake Your Body’ to my label Under No Illusion and overnight and it blew up thanks to one of the labels biggest supporters Marco Carola. I was waking up every day with an inbox full of videos from Music On and beyond. It was, in my opinion, the biggest record in Ibiza in 2018.”

We are sure you’ll join us in agreement when we say that is one fine collection of music, equally as impressive are the stories behind each. Ki has been an impactive figure in the UK scene and further afield for a fair few years now, with UNI having become a gateway for greatness – which is testament to everything he is about!

Ki’s next release ‘Sirens of Babylon’ lands on Josh Butler’s ORIGINS RCRDS imprint this Friday, featuring an archetypal remix from the label frontman . Check out the preview and grab your copy below:

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