Tommy Farrow – Let’s Just / Can’t Explain [Stress Records]

Release Date: 22nd May 2020

Buy/Stream: smarturl.it/strec020

1) Let’s Just
2) Can’t Explain

Sheffield-based artist Tommy Farrow may not be a name that many people can say they have heard frequently in terms of groundbreaking artists, but his latest release is sure to set the ball rolling in the direction of that statement changing – and quickly.

Released yesterday on Stress Records, Tommy’s double a-side ‘Let’s Just / Can’t Explain‘ arrives like an unannounced comet colliding with earth. That might seem like a slight exaggeration, but sometimes bold statements are required to quantify the sheer effect of things.

On one side, raw and emotionally striking Breaks. Influenced by the ecstasy/rave era with hardcore undertones, ‘Let’s Just‘ is an emphatically gripping combination of nostalgic beats and euphoric energy. Following up on the flipside ‘ Can’t Explain‘ drives a resonating Progressive House stake through the heart of your musical inclination and there is nothing you can do about it. Uplifting, punchy House beats, fused with an electrifying Melodic Techno persona. The arpeggiated synths in this track have a life of their own and take you on an unparalleled journey, what a truly breathtaking piece of music.

Now and again, the electronic music world throws a painfully hard curveball your way to unsettle you from the stale and genre-narrowed perch on which you cling to. This is that curveball, and it will leave you flat on your back.

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Tony Allen

Owner/Editor of One Foot In The Rave. Tony is a London-based Freelance Writer and Electronic music enthusiast - with over half a decade of industry experience in several fields.

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