Social Distancing Raves Spark Freak Rise in Telescopic Spoon Sales

Socially Distant Rave

It has been a brutal few months for the global nightlife economy, with many unsure about the future of the industry beyond the global COVID-19 pandemic – which has crippled retail and commerce sectors around the world.

With lockdown measures beginning to loosen in some countries, it appears that some corners of the globe are slowly starting to return to ‘normal’. Among some of the first to test the waters, Germany has seen its first wave of socially distant raves – beginning with car park gatherings (pictured) and some physical human dancefloors with strict distancing protocols encouraged.

With this introduction of ‘social distancing’ raves (as seen in the video above), many are positive that global nightlife industry will back firing on all cylinders within months. In a pre-emptive surge, several online shopping platforms have recorded a colossal spike in telescopic spoon sales.

Some stores have even received several requests for new and improved ‘socially distant’ spoons to be introduced, with a telescopic range of up to 6ft – allowing users to align the sacred art of engaging in a ‘dancefloor bump’ with your friends with the new imposed social distancing guidelines put in place by local authorities across the globe.

One thing humans are great at doing is adapting to situational change. Ravers are a rare breed and will stop at nothing to enjoy the party on their own terms. This rise in COVID-friendly shovel popularity will come as great news for many party-extra dealers, with the impending doom of having to return to full-time work being a harsh reality many just weren’t ready to face.

Long-distance disco bumps are now officially a thing, but is this just the beginning? What could we see next? Quarantine Guestlist? DJ Booth Vaccinations? Single-use Tour Managers? Who knows.

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