SKapade Records launch with euphoric release from label head, Stephen Kirkwood

Buy it now exclusively on Beatport and available everywhere else on October 30th.

Hailing from Glasgow and celebrated on dancefloors across the world for his unique brand of trance-lined techno, Stephen Kirkwood’s new track Hawk Eye is affirmation of the label-head’s own formidable production skills.  

As an internationally renowned figure in techno with a catalogue of stellar releases on Respekt Recordings, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole Recordings and Spinnin’ Records under his belt, Hawk Eye marks the first release on Stephen’s own label SKapade Records. True to form, Hawk Eye is six minutes of sheer big room brilliance. 

The track throws the listener in at the deep-end from the get-go with a visceral, driving intro that pulls the groove forward until the dancefloor is given some breathing space courtesy of an ethereal, synth-laden break. A trance-tinged techno stomper, the euphoric heights of the final drop rounds off what is an epic debut release from SKapade Records and is a resounding example of the talent honed by the label’s artists. 

Like SKapade Studios, Scotland’s only official Pioneer DJ accredited production school, SKapade Records was born from an unparalleled commitment to finding and developing the best in Scotland’s budding production talent. Every artist releasing on the label will be encouraged to explore, to push boundaries and to showcase their own individual sound. SKapade Records is for the visionary. 

Although we may not be able to enjoy live music together right now, the SKapade team have kept their feet firmly on the gas over the last few months. First, they launched the SKapade Membership programme. An online community which is dedicated to the nurturing and development of producers in Scotland, members are granted exclusive access to production live streams, industry advice, A&R feedback and more. Now, they are set to launch SKapade Records with the release of Hawk Eye.  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SKapadeStudios 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skapadestudios

Send demos to demos@skapaderecords.com

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