Renowned selector Fleur Shore, sits down to talk about her debut release, nature and building trust…

First of all – congratulations on your eagerly anticipated debut release with Outbound Records.

How did the release with Outbound come about?

I attended Techno Bible roof terrace party when Rich NxT was playing, I got chatting to him and didn’t actually realise he downloaded some of my tracks. I was minding my own business having a little boogie then he dropped one of my tracks! I was like what the fuck i dIdn’t even know he had downloaded it haha! Absolutely buzzing, then went to get a drink then saw the Outbound lads in the corner recording everything. Being nosey as always, I went up to them and asked what they were doing and the rest is history. We organised the live stream and boom.

Both tracks are quite different and original too – how long have you been producing now and what is the creative process, when it comes to getting in the studio?

I’ve been producing on and off for two years, but solidly for the last year. I don’t take more than a week off. Honestly I’m in there Monday – Friday every week.

I stay healthy as I physically can, meditation, exercise, self-talk! Staying positive and self-growth is my advice to anyone trying to succeed at anything.

Each producer has their own preference when it comes to hardware and software – what are you go-to pieces of kit in the studio?

Maschine Micro M3, get your drums swinging nicceeeelllyyyyy.

Korg minilogue, WOW.

We know that you’ve made a name for yourself before moving into production with your DJing from a young age – what have been your highlights so far as a DJ?

My highlights are definitely when I played in Ireland in February, just opening up the club and playing a two hour set. When you start there is no-one on the dance-floor, then within an hour it is full. The last 30 minutes of the set is where its at, you have the crowd in your hand its such an incredbile feeling. Its almost like you have to build their trust within the hour and a half, then you’re like come on then lets go haha!

Outside of the hectic life of music we see on your socials you live quite a balanced life – What does Fleur get up to outside of the studio and DJ’ing?

I looovveee being outdoors and in nature, meditation and just generally trying to connect to myself and trying to make myself a better person. A daily goal of mine is to do something nice for someone each day, so that makes me happy alongside music and nature.

As you’re making quite a variety of sounds – what kind of direction do you see your sound going in?

To be honest I try not to think too much haha! Try to just crack on with what’s going on around me, I know that it’s all going to flow so I just keep my head down and go with it.

As you’re on your own journey and you’re working hard to breakthrough – what advice would you have for any DJ’s or any artists looking to go to the next level?

Always be a nice person man! It goes such a long way, try and appreciate every opportunity and just help people wherever you can. It always comes back around to help you.
Work your ass off in the studio and perfect your sound!

It seems like you have a lot to look forward to – what are your main aims and goals and can you give us any sneak peeks about what you have coming up?

I can’t wait to start travelling as a DJ and go and see other countries, I just think this job is so amazing how this dream can become and reality. Go and connect with new people in new countries and see different parts of the world.

My MAIN focus for the new few years is to just keep rolling with my production and to be rubbing shoulders and sharing music with the top top DJ’s!

Develop my brand, start Undergrowth Records in the next fews months, I’m so excited about this, its going to be amazing!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Fleur.

Thanks for having me guys 🙂 Fleur x

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