Redux Saints Talks About His Relentless Release Schedule, DTLA Records & More

Anyone following the tech house scene this year will have noticed that Redux Saints is making serious waves. When we spoke to him, we learnt a lot more about the man behind the music. He’s got a wicked sense of humour, one of his Burmese Mountain dogs is called Maceo Pup, and he would happily eat chihuahua cheese for the rest of his days.

But what we also learnt is that Redux Saints – aka Jason Trevor Miller – is a seriously hard working guy. While his production rate is relentless, he finds time to champion his peers and through his Deep Tech Los Angeles imprint, he’s shining a light on the burgeoning tech house scene in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Between label and production duties, and curating the label’s Deep Tech Loft Party livestream series, we grabbed Redux Saints for a chat to discuss what has been a busy and noteworthy year…

Hi Jason, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak to us. That’s Right is another killer release from you this year – you don’t seem to short of inspiration! What’s the driving force behind the volume of on-point releases we’ve seen so far in 2020?

I’ve been working hard to make 2020 the year that Redux Saints became a “household tech house name”.  With lack of gigs due to the pandemic, it has given me time to focus on production.  I’ve been jumping back and forth from groove to bumpy sound design-based tracks trying to gauge where the sound of tech house is heading. Sound is always a bit different here in the States but I’m trying to find that happy medium.

Congratulations on your Beatport ‘On Our Radar’ accolade. Who would be Redux Saints’ On Our Radar producer of the moment?

Chapter and Verse is killing it right now.  We also are lucky to have just signed a track from him to Deep Tech Los Angeles Records called Make You Sweat. Everyone should keep an eye out for him as close out 2020.

What’s your favourite piece of production that you’ve put out this year?

Stay Home! is my favourite production this year as contains perfect elements that define my music in 2020.  Stay Home! consists of a thicc bassline, head-nodding groove, catchy vocal hook, and relevant public health message. 

Take us back to when you set up DTLA. What spurred you on to create your own label?

Deep Tech Los Angeles was a brand that I originally created for Krafted Music when I was a label partner.  The idea was to leverage underground house artists in the southern California area to build Deep Tech Los Angeles compilations and tie the changing Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) landscape to the evolving music scene. 

Eventually the direction of Krafted was not the direction I wanted for the brand so I left Krafted and started it as its own label. I was lucky to join forces with one my biggest supporters William Tejada   back in early 2019. We’ve done a great job together building the brand and future vision for the label.

What else do you have coming out this year that we should look out for?

Lots of music coming out before the end of the year.  I have a remix I produced for Placebo eFx out end of September.  A single release called ‘To My Beat’ out on Purple Tea Records in October.  A remix I produced for Penny F and Paul Sparkes beginning of November.   Then at the end of November my first singe release with Hood Politics Records.  In December is my first release with Incorrect Records, and a free bootleg download available on New Year’s 2021.

We hear there’s another Deep Tech Lockdown Sessions compilation coming. Who’s featuring on it and how do you choose who’ll make the final cut?

Indeed, Volume 2 is out September 25th.  We have tracks from veterans CHESSER, Mr. Oz, Notorious Lynch and me as well as two newbies to the label Toriah and ACAY.

Final cuts are determined during A&R sessions between my label partner, William Tejada and myself.  We are looking at production quality: does the idea of the track come through with the vocal hook, and how well does the artist promote their work to determine if they make the cut.  We typically ask that an artist release on a compilation before we consider having them release a single so we can get to know them.

This year also saw the launch of the Deep Tech Loft Party livestream series. It would appear you have a penchant for dressing up and a random sense of humour what with your ‘Hater-aid’ Ointment infomercial. When’s the next one and what can we expect?

The next one is on September 18th at 9pm (PT) (check the Facebook event page). I’ll be dropping my ‘Redux Dub Fu’ series mid-way through, which is me overdubbing horribly dubbed Kung Fu Moves with commentary on club life.

The infomercials planned for next Deep Tech Loft Parties are the ‘DJ PEE JUG’ for DJs who need to relieve themselves in the DJ Booth. And the ‘DJ Request Stun Stick’ which is a stun stick to repeal the many requests that take place during your DJ sets.

My team has fun writing the scripts and throwing out ideas of how we can make it funny as hell for each livestream.  We really think trying our hardest to make the livestream an experience vs me just standing up there DJing.

What do you do to keep your mental health in check?

Since everything is closed still in Los Angeles, I had to order dumbbells to my place for exercise.  Also, these days you can’t run outside because the air quality is crap due to the surrounding fires.

Other ways I keep mental in check is long walk with my two large Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMD)(s) – Maceo Pup and Luna Rose. 

What do you do when you’re not working on music?

I am a business owner of an IT Software Consulting company with 15 employees for over 10 years. I sit on the board for Evermix, and I’m also involved in sales for an emerging bio tracing company. 

I have two large kids with four legs that demand playtime constantly as I believe I am the pack leader.  We like to watch cable news and bark at the television. 

If you could only eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love chihuahua cheese, I can’t think of anything you can’t melt it on. 

Redux Saints ‘That’s Right’ is out now. Stream / buy here: https://hypeddit.com/link/7df6q2

Get locked into the Deep Loft Party Livestream on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch. Friday 18 Sep from 9pm – 11pm (PT) / Sat 19 Sept 5am – 7am (UK).

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