Ost & Kjex Return With The Two-Tracker “What did you do?” On Their Snick Snack Music Imprint

Veterans of the electronic music scene, Ost & Kjex are back on their Snick Snack Music imprint this June with the captivating two-tracker ​’What did you do?’.

‘What did you do?’ and ‘Put Your Arms Around Me’ ​showcase the talented duo at their finest as they take the listener on a deep and mesmerizing journey through spacey synths, trademark vocals and irresistible grooves with an abundance of hypnotic surprises along the way.

“​Let’s go down that deep and trippy road, that we know and love!”

– Ost & Kjex

Ost & Kjex made their debut in 2002 on the Norwegian label Planet Noise and since then have released countless EP’s and albums on international labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Solomun’s Diynamic. The duo is also known for their vocal collaborations and have had major hits, collaborating with Jamie Jones on the anthemic ​Summertime and H.O.S.H on ​Wohoo.​ In 2018 the boys relaunched their label Snick Snack Music with old Oslo allies Trulz & Robin, providing a platform for them to release an impressive array of off-kilter funk, made just to their liking.

Buy ‘What did you do?’ here: https://www.beatport.com/release/what-did-you-do/2937990

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