New label Unconfined announce launch with a formidable four-part compilation series


  1. Küetzal – This Is The Way
  2. E.L.I.A.S – A Simple Disorder
  3. Ben Reymann – Occult Rhythm
  4. Ephaze – Welcome To The Rave
  5. REVM – Fast Groove
  6. Melissa D’lima – We Don’t Talk When We’re Sober
  7. Neagles – Kick On The Vibes
  8. Yen – Quantum Compress

Kicking off with the 8 track VA001 [Quantum Entanglement] on September 18th, each VA will feature an international cast of groundbreaking artists with a shared passion for electronic music production.

Handing over full creative control to their artists, Unconfined are setting out on an exploration of infinite sonic possibilities across the electronic spectrum. Born in Glasgow but spreading its roots across the globe – from Turin to Taiwan – the label strays fearlessly from the mainstream.

Founder and label head, Charl Fouche, believes the label’s criteria enables them to release a diverse selection of tracks: “There are so many varieties of techno. At the end of the day it is noises being morphed to sound a certain way. It all comes down to the individual listener and what sounds their ears choose to hear”.

“A lot of thought and effort is put into making sure all our artists and tracks are somewhat complementing each other. Starting my own label has been a goal of mine for years. I am finally able to create a movement which possesses infinite potential. Ultimately we want to provide our artists – from the UK to South East Asia – with the opportunity to be heard worldwide. “

A collaborative effort, Various Artists 001 [Quantum Entanglement] takes a global standpoint, staking out a sound that draws on as many genres as it does international influences. Fresh and eclectic with a complete disregard for the conventional, Unconfined have successfully assembled an impressive horde of unreleased weapons from a who’s who of the hottest names in the scene, before enlisting the talents of internationally revered DJ and producer JoeFarr to master them – and this is just the beginning.


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