Martin Merz marks return to Vordergrundmusik with The Higher EP

With his track “The Higher” Martin Merz creates a connection between traditional composition and electronic music. “The Higher” uses classic instruments such as guitar and bass, together with field recordings and analog synthesizers to create a homogeneous, soft tapestry of sound. Voice fragments flank the sound image on the way to a hypnotic dance floor affair.

The second addition is a song called “Again”. A somewhat catchy, yet technoid track with a slightly more dynamic timbre.

Dance into a trance-like state with the rework of Vordergrundmusik’s chieftain re:deep. He delivers a genre blending piece with relentless drive and constantly evolving atmosphere full of distorted organs and dirty guitars, while keeping the basics of the original. A perfect choice for the early morning hours!

Pick up a copy here.

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