Luke Welsh – Not The Same EP [Libero]

Release Date : November 19th, 2020

The next release on Libero comes courtesy of one of the label’s leading men, Luke Welsh. The Kaluki & WHP resident is on top form as he delivers an impressively potent EP in the form of ‘Not The Same’ – featuring three hot off the press original cuts, highlighting his ever-increasing production talent and adding even more weight to the Libero name.

Kicking things off, ‘Not The Same’ leaps straight into that signature label format of percussive-led groove and easy-going momentum. Layers of intricate drum components drive the track with not only cadence but also add subtle melody – complimenting the weighty low-frequency bass melody. The track is broken up with a progressively climatic synth riff and accompanying vox line that builds the perfect ledge to kick you off, straight back into the groove once more. Played numerous times by Marco Carola.

‘Mad Marksman’ has an undeniable tribal feel to it. Fat-bottomed kicks meet the sizzle of hand drums rattling from left to right that give off a really attractive primal energy. Another deep and heavy roller in the lower end of the frequency spectrum with progressively building and subtle melodic elements – dusted off with yet more clever vox arrangements. A track with an essentially raw and soulful appeal, that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Last but certainly not least, ‘Campione’ completes the release with another welcomed instalment of full-bodied kicks and a seemingly endless array of movement-inspiring rhythmic elements. A bottom-heavy head bopper to say the least with ‘crammed terrace’ written all over it, carrying that nonchalant loose-necked feel from start to finish. Reminiscent of the sort of track you would hear at peak time at a Music On type party.

Luke Welsh

Libero Records

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