Inner City release first album in 30 years ‘We All Move Together’

Inner City release ‘We All Move Together’ on Friday 17th July.

After almost three decades on hiatus, and now under a new formation, dance music legends Inner City release one of their most pivotal albums to date. Original group member Kevin Saunderson calls on son Dantiez Saunderson and vocalist Steffanie Christi’an to bring the trio’s 12-track masterpiece ‘We All Move Together’ to fans across the globe on July 17th.

Inner City’s first studio album since 1992 also sees the internationally renowned talents of Idris Elba and fellow Detroit resident ZebrA OctobrA collaborate on the release. 

Fully hyped from touring, and buzzed off of the energy received from crowds worldwide after hearing their new music. The trio spent the last 18 months in the studio crafting the album for release.

‘We All Move Together’ might represent a new lease of life under the Inner City name. With its fresh casting and youthful sound that would be far from out of place on a dancefloor in 2020. However, don’t be led astray into thinking that this is solely a contemporary fix. The entire album still encompasses the heart and soul of the dance music icons’ original sonic identity of the late 80s/early 90s: uplifting in spirit, vibrant in rhythm, and utterly feel-good on full blast.

For Kevin Saunderson, otherwise known as one-third of Detroit techno innovators The Belleville Three, the drive behind the album’s creation was simply to make people feel goodUsing the formula of piano-led, disco-infused house, which Saunderson quite literally pioneered, the album has a real joyous feel throughout. 

Title track ‘We All Move Together’ immediately captivates with Idris Elba’s empowering monologue. Including a friendly nod to Inner City classics ‘Big Fun’ and ‘Good Life’, the spoken-word sample sets a defiant tone for the eleven songs to follow.

Tracks such as ‘SoundwaveZ’ and ‘I Can Feel My Heart Again’ are a superb example of the Father and Son’s rich and emotive production style.

With Steffanie Christi’an’s vocal bringing a warm soulful element to the delivery of the impassioned lyrics that celebrate the freedom of dance music culture.

Resonating with listeners of all diversities, Inner City’s ‘continuous quest to uplift people through the power of music’ feels even more relevant under the current societal circumstances.

But, hey! Isn’t that what dance music has always been there for? An escape, a release and a damn’ good time. Everything that ‘We Move Together’ so brilliantly captures.

Listen to Inner City’s ‘We All Move Together’ below. Out now on Armada Music.

Jo Dargie

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