Hydrogen Dukebox reissue Metamatics’ classic LP ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ on vinyl

Hydrogen Duke Box Metamatics Midnight Sun Pig
Metamatics – ‘Midnight Sun Pig.’

Since launching in the Spring of 1992, British record label Hydrogen Dukebox has been pivotal in the UK’s underground electronica scene. With a rich catalogue of innovative releases which continue to grow under the name almost three decades on.

Honouring the label’s successful legacy, Hydrogen Dukebox have chosen to reissue some of their most iconic releases from over the years. 

Friday 12th of June 2020 marks the first work of art up for re-release and it’s none other than Metamatics’ timeless LP ‘Midnight Sun Pig.’ Lee Norris, the mind behind the alias, is considered to be somewhat of an ‘unsung hero of UK electronica.’ With this particular release back in the early 2000’s certifying his innovative sound and individualistic approach to production. 

‘Midnight Sun Pig’ was originally a product of respected Swedish record label Dot Records which is no longer active. Now under the helm of Hydrogen Dukebox, who have a deep-rooted working relationship with Lee, the LP has been pressed into a special edition double sided vinyl. No expense has been spared, and rightly so. As this is surprisingly the first time that the 10 track album has ever been produced on vinyl. For fans of obscure electronica, it’s a wonder why the album never made it to vinyl upon its debut release. 

New artwork created by Hydrogen Dukebox collaborator and designer Chris Thomson dawns the sleeve. With two immaculate hot pink records waiting to be spun inside.

Whilst aesthetically things have moved on and developed to keep up with the eye of contemporary listeners. The track recordings themselves remain untouched and forever timeless.

‘Midnight Sun Pig’ captured the mindset of creator Lee Norris. The album is unconventional, eccentric, experimental and yet, oddly charming and euphoric in a sense. Not one of the two tracks can be definitively cubbyholed into one genre or movement. A concept that can be uncomfortable to some and exhilarating to others. 

Take ’Man Q-Neons,’ which is arguably one of Metamatics’ highest achieving pieces of music from the album.  Within seconds of playing, the smooth, intergalactic melody is juxtaposed with an uplifting funky kickbeat. Before climbing into a pattern of quick changing bars that each vary from the next. Inviting a whole host of distorted tech sounds, dreamy synths and sporadic samples to play. On one hand, it’s a chaotic composition, that varies sounds and tones at a fast pace. Yet at the same time, it’s pleasant to listen to with no overwhelming sense of urgency or overcrowding. An incomprehensible balance of two worlds.

The remainder of the album follows a similar route of sonic unknowns. With each track taking on it’s own individual personality in the collective.

Prior to the vinyl release, ‘Man Q-Neons’ was put into the hands of director Hattie Warboys who shot a brand new video for the classic track. 

It’s a given that Lee’s attention to detail in production will be sublime to hear for the first time on vinyl and we’re delighted to see that the day has finally come. 

Order the ‘Moonlight Sun Pig’ LP-vinyl here: http://www.hydrogendukebox.com/


A1 Intro

A2 Hymn Bream 

A3 Man-Q-Neons 

B1 Mops 

B2 Liquid Gel 

C1 Ying Yang Mang 

C2 Hot Synchronomy 

D1 Midnight Sun Pig

D2 Vocodor Odour 

D3 Spacemang

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