Eco-Beats Records talks to us about their recent remix competition, tackling climate change and their musical inspirations

Eco-Beats Records is an ethical dance music label, set up by a group of students from famed music school Point Blank Music. A group of students with a wide and varying taste in music with one unifying thread binding them together, the desire to help tackle climate change. How does this relate to setting up a record label? Well, we sat down with the team to find out more about this intriguing project. 

Hello guys, thanks for taking the time to join us and congratulations on the new label – you’re now onto your second release which is a remix competition winners package? Tell us more about how it all came about?

Thanks for having us. We appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. So the remix competition came about because we wanted to set up a label that could help shine a light on aspiring producers like ourselves and to give those producers a platform to release on. We know there is a lot of talent out there and we wanted to give them the opportunity to gain skills in working on a remix and also to get the opportunity to release on the label. We were blown away by all of the remixes we received and were more than happy when Hako chose Hey Dan as the winner. We then chose to release the runner up Michael Elyot’s Raw Remix as it was too good not to.

Now we know more about this release, tell us more about how the label came about?

Everyone at the label was in the process of completing their Bachelors Degrees at Point Blank Music School and during a music business module we were tasked to form a group and start a label. Whilst brainstorming everyone agreed that if the label could contribute to raising awareness around Eco causes then that would be a great concept to build the label around. 

A question for all the aspiring producers out there, what do Eco-Beats Records look for when signing music?

We are predominantly looking for Tech House tracks that are made for the club but have that radio crossover appeal. Think “Pump it Up” or “Joys” Though if you send a Tech House track that shakes the speakers with a sick groove, it will be hard to resist.  If you send us drum and bass or jungle then we might listen but however good it is we won’t be releasing it. We do listen to everything that gets sent in and are more than happy to give feedback if it’s not quite what we’re looking for . 

You all met at Point Blank School, tell us more about the team behind Eco-Beats Records? How many of you are there and what are your roles?

Well we started off with 10 but now we are down to three. The team consists of Paul, Ollie and Jack. We are all juggling multiple roles within the label so it’s hard to nail on specific roles for each person. I suppose you could say we are all Jacks of all trades but masters of none haha.

We would love to find out more about the music that has influenced each of you at the record label, a tough question but can you all name one track each which has played a big part in shaping where you are now?

For Jack its Adagio for strings. He heard it for the first time when he was 10, and the music video of Tiesto Djing to 25000 people, inspired Jack to have a career in music from that point. 

For Paul he chose a club rather than a track and said “if I’d never discovered Sankeys then I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s through a love of Sankeys that I found a love of House and Techno music and everything in between. That led me to DJing and then eventually producing and to taking the course with Point Blank.”

Ollie has chosen Urban Shakedown – Some justice due to its awesome vocals and he said that led him down the garden path of dance music discovery. 

You guys mention a desire to contribute towards climate change, as a label how do you plan to do this?

We plan to do this first and foremost by raising awareness to different things we can do to make a difference. We will be looking to donate a percentage of profits from future events to local charities and for a percentage of the profits that the label makes each year, to be donated to Eco charities such as World Land Trust.

Are there any ways fans of the label can help in your mission to help tackle climate change?

We have previously posted five ways to rave in a more Eco-friendly way and we think even by doing these small things we are making a difference. These are:

1. Ditch plastic straws

2. Bring a re-usable cup to the rave (or work or wherever)

3. Take public transport to and from clubs or car share, 

4. Buy your outfit from a thrift shop or second hand retailer. 

5. Cut out taxis whilst bar hopping and walk instead

What are the plans for the label for the rest of 2020 and 2021?

We have another release lined up for later this year and then hopefully in 2021 when the world calms down and returns to some kind of normality, we will start to put on Eco-Beats events. These are planned to be zero waste events and aim to raise money to support local charities that support Eco causes. We will also look to release another 6 EPs during 2021.

Thanks for taking the time to join us and best of luck with the label and helping tackle climate change – this is something we fully support!

Thanks for having us, Eco-Beats team 🙂

You can buy or stream Hako ‘Twisted’ remixes below:

Beatport > https://www.beatport.com/release/twisted/3057613
Spotify > https://open.spotify.com/album/3KOrNdfDFt2YBFvYZD4lCU?si=RRi2_FL0R6WVUOnRNJxg6w

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