Cowlam talks about the inspiration behind his new release, MMA & DC-10 memories

Jamie Cowlam, better known by his artist name Cowlam, is a progressive and melodic techno producer from the burgeoning North East progressive scene in England. Cowlam has developed his own sound fusing deep and dark melodies flowing with energy, with the sole aim to take listeners on a journey with limitless boundaries. With previous releases on Freegrant Music, Awen Records, Mir Music and Oniryzm Records all of which hit the Progressive House Beatport charts, the latter hitting the Top 10 in the Progressive House Beatport charts.

Naturally we were eager to sit down with Cowlam, to find out more about the man behind the music and what the future holds for this bright prospect…

Jamie, thanks for joining us and congratulations on your release on Beatfreak Limited, how did the release come about?

Hi guys, my pleasure and thank you very much for having me.

Firstly the release came about after I made my debut on MIR music with my first progressive EP ‘Lyra’, through this release I made good friends with the label owner and producer Yaide. After that release we ended up coming together to collaborate on the track Lunar which smashed the prog charts giving me my first entry to the Hype top 10 progressive house tracks. After finding my sound and perfecting the tracks Yaide then put me onto D-Formation’s record label Beatfreak which went on to get released on their label Beatfreak Limited. 

What inspired the EP and what is the meaning behind the names of the tracks?

The track titles loosely translated mean ‘of the Sun’, the concept for me was to bring lighter and darker moods of the Sun to my music. Most of my tracks have space and greek mythology names as I try to go with sounds that belong almost to another world.

What was the process in the studio making this EP?

Cyra is a bright and breezy progressive number with bright pads underpinned by a progressive melody running throughout, with it all capped off with a dreamy breakdown full of warmth making it a perfect track for summer days.

Solaris offers a darker and broodier prospect, packed full of tempo and verve combining organic pads with a bright yet harder melodic lead, the outcome is a dark orchestral feel giving the track deep impact upon listening.

All the leads, basslines and pads are curated on my favourite VST serum using the presets from the amazing Audiotent.

How did you first discover / get introduced to dance music?

I have always enjoyed festivals and dance music ever since I went to my first event which was Patrick Topping’s event motion at Digital in Newcastle. Since then I have grown to love Progressive House and everything that surrounds it.

I started producing properly, shortly after I met Cristoph in Ibiza back in 2018. This inspired me to further expand on my love for the genre by making my own productions.

With the current clubbing landscape on hold, it is a good time to reflect on favourite clubbing experiences – give us your three most memorable clubbing experiences as a DJ or in the crowd

I don’t really know where to start with this one…

1. It has to be the time Ilario Alicante played the unreleased track at the time Tale of Us – Nothing Around Us in DC10, this was one of those magical tracks that has stuck with me ever since.
2. At one of Eric Prydz Holo shows the opening track elements along with all the lasers and holograms shooting around is something that will stay with me.
3. I think as an experience for playing to a live crowd it is definitely the local Terrace sessions here in my hometown Darlington. The terrace always gets busy and it’s good to see how people react to my tracks when playing here.

When you’re not in the studio, what do you get up in your spare time?

Before I got into music I was really into amateur mixed martial arts and started to compete in over six fights bagging a local amateur title. Eventually I grew out of it and it has led me here, now I enjoy nothing more than enjoying life each day as it comes and the occasional pint and a cheeky football bet.

Finally, what can we expect next from Cowlam?

A lot of new music coming soon, with releases pencilled in for Project 13 and XTR Records this year. The lockdown has helped me greatly as I am sitting on more new tracks than I could imagine, I can’t wait for 2021, it will be a big year for me.

Thanks for taking the time to join us and answer some questions Jamie 🙂 

Thank you for having me guys, it was a pleasure.

You can buy or stream Cowlam ‘Cyra/Solaris’ EP below:

Beatport > https://www.beatport.com/release/cyra-solaris/3063376

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